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Tech Paper #924 Improving Boiler Room Efficiencies

With parallel positioning, control valves for combustion air, fuel and FGR are positioned independently using individual actuators. This type of control provides greater flexibility when compared with a single point (jack shaft) system. The control system is cross-limited to ensure optimum combustion and safety.

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Mar 01, 2016 · Parallel primary/secondary is often the most effective and beneficial multiple boiler piping option. It combines the parallel piping for each boiler to ensure equal boiler return water temperature to each boiler, dedicated boiler pumping and then the integration into the primary or system loop via means of a common hydraulic separation.

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Metered Parallel Positioning Control Boilers operating at 1000 boiler horsepower and above commonly incorporate the Metered Parallel Positioning control system. The Metered Parallel Positioning Control (MPPC) operates the fuel and air control loops in parallel (as opposed to series) from a single setpoint generated by the Boiler Master controller.

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